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Best concerts in Mariupol 2021

In 2012 Mariupol was called by the Cabinet of Ministers the most comfortable place to live in Ukraine. It also ranks among the ten largest cities in our country and is considered to be the most important industrial and financial centre. Moreover, Mariupol is situated on the cost of tender Azov Sea. It has a rich history, architecture and culture.

This is where thousands of Ukrainians like to spend their summer vacations, while the youth is in no hurry to leave after finishing school, preferring to stay in their native land. And why leave the place that is nice and pleasant? Moreover, it is pleasant to come here. The stars, who often visit the megalopolis on the Azov Sea with their concerts, know it too.

Events in Mariupol are always treated specially because the city itself is saturated with a pleasant atmosphere that adds extra charm to any performance. Watch the best concerts in Mariupol in our online playlist. We collected only the brightest and most exciting concerts of all kinds for you. 

Schedule of the concerts in Mariupol for the weekend, today, tomorrow — always

It's better to see once than hear a hundred times. It's better to attend a concert once than to listen to an artist's album a hundred times. And really, you can never get from just listening to the songs the way you can at a live concert. You can meet new people with the same musical preferences, share your good mood, see your idol's show live, take photos and have fun or enjoy the art.

In Mariupol, you can attend a solo performance of an artist or a multi-day festival, a theatrical production or a symphonic show. The events in Mariupol take place on weekends, weekdays and, of course, on holidays. Genre trends of the events are also diverse: pop, rock, jazz, folk, hip-hop, indie, classical and even unstoppable rock 'n' roll.

In the main city of the Azov region, cultural life is always bustling, developing, but never stops. So you can always choose where to go in Mariupol and you will always find something to your liking. Do not forget to buy tickets in advance. Sometimes some events are so popular with the public that the organizers announce a sold-out long before the concert. 

How to choose which concert to go to in Mariupol

The event poster in Mariupol is full of all kinds of events. Every resident or guest of the city once faced the question: what concert to go to?

First of all, start with your preferences and mood. And once decided, start looking for the right event: driving rock concert or upbeat classical evening, the impressive sound of a symphony orchestra or unrestrained dancing to pop tunes, free jazz or rhythmic techno. It is also important to choose the company of like-minded people who will also like such a concert and cause positive emotions.

To make sure that going to the concert is not an embarrassment, we recommend buying tickets to official events that are sold on reputable websites. Do not buy tickets by hand, because not even a ticket operator will be able to confirm the authenticity of such a ticket. 

A good tip: concert posters often list official partners who sell tickets. Give preference to such sites, as well as proven and reliable sources. Any official ticket operator always has customer feedback: you can write or call technical support and you will get an answer.

Concert venues in Mariupol

Mariupol is a city rich in history. Many buildings are important not only as architectural works but also as cultural centres. For example, on the stage of the Chamber Philharmonic, you can hear both the current orchestra and performances of touring artists.

In the main city of the Azov region, there are many cinemas, clubs and houses of culture, such as "Molodezhny", "Iskra", "Chaika", "Ukrainsky Dom". The doors of these buildings are always open for visitors and are ready to please with concert programs. There are also puppet theatres and regional dramatic theatre.

Mariupol also has a lot of parks and leisure centres where different theme festivals take place.

And let's not forget that we are situated on the seashore where the party Mariupol can be just on the beach!

How do I buy tickets for a concert in Mariupol on Ticketsbox?

Tickets for concerts in Mariupol 2021 can be purchased at the entrance just before the event. But is it worth the risk? Often at the top events, tickets are sold out before the concert. To ensure you get guaranteed admission to the event, you can book or buy your ticket online. This method requires minimal effort on your part.

On our site, you will always find the most actual events in Mariupol. With convenient filters, you can find the right concerts in your city. Schemes of events plotted clearly and in detail so that everyone can understand what to look for and choose the most suitable seats.

The process of ordering takes you a couple of minutes. After the payment is made, the tickets will come to your specified e-mail. If this does not happen - conveniently contact our support team. Experienced professionals will answer questions and help solve the problem.

Electronic tickets are pdf files that will be emailed to you. You do not need to print them out. It is enough to show them on your phone screen when you come in for scanning. Such tickets not only save you time but are also easy to use and do not require additional use of paper.